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Psychotherapy and Couples Counselling Edinburgh UKCP Registered & BACP Accredited Counsellor

Founder of " The Key to Couples Work" a TA based training. Author of Boundaries How to Draw the Line in Your Head, Heart and Home

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I'm Jennie, a qualified psychotherapist, couples counsellor, trainer, supervisor and author. Currently I do not have availabilty for individual work, I do have one slot available for in person couple work .Face to face and online appointments are currently available for one off supervision on couple work only. For Couple Work enquires I do also have a list of practitioners who have attended my training, if you would like a copy, please do make contact. .

I have helped clients with a wide range of problems, such as relationships, depression, bereavement, stress, work-life balance and the impact of this on health and wellbeing. I know it can be hard to ask for help, particularly in our busy, 'be strong' culture but the boldest step we can take is to ask for assistance both as an individual and a couple. Psychotherapy can provide valuable support when there is a crisis and there doesn’t seem to be a way forward.

Walking therapy has been around for many years, and I have been working in this way for some time and have really seen the benefits of being outside, walking alongside my client. For some it can feel less confrontational or clinical, currently, I combine walking sessions with online sessions, but this is something to decide together, as some clients prefer to keep all sessions to walking and talking.

As our book explains boundaries are an important part of a healthy everyday life. I can help you learn about this valuable tool to aid your relationships both with yourself and others. We will explore the many challenges faced when holding one’s own boundary and how to build healthy ones with ourselves and others. Often boundaries can be thought of as hard or seen as a way of keeping other/others out, in fact, boundaries are about health on all fronts and letting those who are beneficial in your life to be closer. Through boundaries, your life can and will be richer and healthier.

Couples counselling can be for any stage in a relationship. Sometimes people find it useful before they make a change in their relationship - for example thinking of moving in together, starting a family or considering marriage. There doesn’t need to be a crisis in order to seek help. I offer counselling to all couples – heterosexual, same-sex, family e.g., father-daughter relationship. I can offer help with marriage problems, relationship difficulties within a couple or family members. I was the expert on the FiftyFifty game, a tool to help couples start a healthy conversation around being together and navigating day to day living.

Having worked for many years with couples I have developed my own therapeutic programme, this involves both counselling and learning new skills in how to communicate and deepen understanding of the dynamics in your relationship. The therapy entails an assessment of one hour then eight sessions every two-three weeks that are one and a half hours, this shorter-term model has proven to be both popular and successful. 

I also offer supervision, please see the relevant page for more details on individual supervision, groups and one-off couples supervision-this is for counsellors and psychotherapists who might like the occasional supervision on their couple's work, providing a different perspective and input.

My practice is in Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh and EH1 Therapies Randolph Pl, Edinburgh

You can contact me on 07778 896589

Or Email via the form HERE 



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